4 Ways To Fail As A Brides-To-Be Coach Faaaaaaaaast

I’m not the first ‘Brides-to-Be’ Transformation Coach on the block, though I have probably seen more success with it than most.

I would guess I’m probably not the first person to suggest it’s a smart niche to market to either… right?

Indeed, I’ve spoken to a few people in the past about my “Brides Transformation Business in a Box” offer…

People who went down the brides to be route and tried, or are still trying, marketing to Brides.

But after chatting with them, it seems that usually there current model isn’t giving them the lifestyle, income or freedom they are looking for.

You found the same at all?

Whether you want to market to brides, you’ve tried and failed, or you’re still working with brides but you would like to make it really work well. This post will help out.



4 Ways to FAIL as a ‘Brides-to-Be’ Coach

*(1) Taking the wrong approach with referral partners

Have you ever emailed or spoken to a Wedding Planner or Shop, in hope of getting a client?

Did it work? Did you actually get a high paying client from it?

Well, my Wedding Planner friends have told me they get 100’s of ‘inquiries’ from PT’s who are hoping to be introduced to their clientele… only to never return their calls, and constantly delete their emails.

The COLD approach is often the WRONG approach and why you may have failed to get any traction with referral partners in your biz before…

Here’s 3 principles which worked for me:

1) Always approach with how you can help them, not what they can do for you

2) The ONLY aim from the first contact is to have a phone call with them, not sell what you are doing

3) An intro via mutual contacts is worth it’s weight in gold – this was the strategy which fast forwarded my connections to some of the biggest names in the UK bridal scene

If you want me to save you the hassle and rejection by doing the leg work for you.

I’ll show you the right way to make strong connections, with the right people who only deal with the right type of Brides… and ensure they actually want to speak with you.

Go here


*2 Targeting “registry office” brides who shop on price.

I got this wrong in the beginning myself, and ended up getting Brides who would ring up, ask how much I was and then go and do Slimming World because it was cheaper.

That’s when I learnt how to market exclusively to Brides who had money. The kind of couples who wouldn’t blink at spending £100k+ on a wedding, or booking out the Savoy in London to host the reception.

It’s no judgement on anyone, but I’d suggest setting your business up to attract wealthier clients.


*3 Not catching them within a specific window of time.

Unlike most businesses where people can take up to 1-2 years before making a purchasing decision, you really have only 3-4 months to sign up a bride–-or you lose the client. The clock is always ticking.

Brides are soooo motivated to lose the weight, they’ll do anything to drop it, and they’ll make whatever option they choose work for them, because they have to.

You therefore need a super tight sales and conversions system in place in your business.

Something I’m offering to help you with; you’ll get my very best sales tool for signing up Brides on the spot with ease here.


*4 Not having the correct follow through.

Picture this: You’re heading out the door tonight for a mouth watering meal with that special person in your life, when you decide you both really fancy a steak.

Do you go to the steak house that only sells steak and nothing else, or do you go to the the restaurant that sells steak, Thai and Mexican?

It’s an obvious answer, right?

In my time as a ‘Brides-to-Be Transformation’ Coach, I’ve seen people half-commit to going “all in” on the Brides thing, and then lose their nerve.

And I get it, you’re worried you’ll lose clients and not make any money if you go so ‘niche’.

Maybe you want to get a few clients first while you’re still working things out. Am i right?

But in doing so, you scare off many of the Brides from working with you, and someone like me takes their business instead…

Which is why I’ve developed a unique method for helping you to get established as the go to person for the Brides niche, super fast.

And here’s the best bit, create income whilst you’re getting yourself setup in this new niche. That way you need not worry about losing clients or money.


Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Then head over here and leave me some details to see how something like this would work for you.

But be quick, I released my ‘Brides Transformations, Business In A Box’ a few days ago and I’m speaking to people right now.