A Bit About Me…

The Struggles I Had As A Fit Pro…

I was boiling up inside, about to explode, but the one thought which stopped me was she was right.

It was 2:00 am in the morning and the emotional cards where being put on the table by my misses.

Words were not being minced. And things simply had to change.

You see I had the same struggles I see a lot of PT’s have.

I’d been in the industry for 5 or 6 years, was getting really good results with my clients, loved being in fitness and helping my clients get results…

The issue was; I always had bigger aspirations for what I wanted to achieve.

It got to the point where I was just working way too many hours. 35-40 hours of client facing sessions per week is a real tough thing to do.

So, I started looking for other options, and spent 3 or 4 years building loads of different businesses – or a least trying to – that would allow me to take a step back, and stop selling my time for money.

I was doing ok at the time, but i wanted to do a lot better.

I tried bootcamp businesses, with the aim of franchising it. Another business around functional medicine and nutrition.

None of it seemed to get me anywhere.

Money was always ‘stable’… but it wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be.

It wasn’t going to allow me the things I wanted to do in my life – buy a house, eventually have a family.

Certainty the money I was making would’ve been good for a 22 year old, but not enough for taking my life to the next stage with things outside of work.


The Moment It Hit Me That I Needed To Do Something Different…

As I mention above the truth was being laid out with my girlfriend one late night, hammering out where we were going in life.

I was in my mid-thirties, and had all these aspirations of what I wanted to do in life…

We were looking at money, and it still felt like I was living month to month. Never sure where the money was coming from for this month.

I guess she was kind of questioning me.

Not in a way that she didn’t have trust in me, but more looking at laying out;

“What are we actually going to do?”.

At some point we want to buy a house and have a family, and right now, this is just a million miles away.

I realised – FUCK – even though I’ve been doing all of this stuff, really trying to make this work, we’re still living like a young, early twenties couple.

I realised that if i wanted to stay in this industy, continue doing what I loved doing, something was going to have to change.

I really did feel like it was my last chance trying to do this.

It was difficult, I want to be successful, certainly I want to be successful in the eyes of my girlfriend.

It was that moment that I said to myself;

“You really need to do something about this and make some changes”.


Seeking Help…

It had hit me, and I remember sitting down the next day and thinking,

“OK, what am I actually going to do?”.

I knew I couldn’t just carry on.

Even for another month or two, I needed to do something about it immediately.

I’d had business coaches before, done some business incubators and things. They were awesome, but still didn’t make any difference to the bottom line.

It never changed the situation in a meaningful way financially, nor in my own self-worth, regarding achieving the things I wanted.

I’d already spoken to a coach a few months before, and I was keen, but up until that moment the night before…

I always felt like I was gonna get there on my own. I’ve always believed – perhaps over confidently – that I will get there.

I realised at that moment,

“You can’t keep saying that to yourself. You can’t carry on like this”.

The best example I can give, is it’s a bit like being a Spurs fan…

It’s always next year… next season… and it’s been like that for 20 years if you’re a Spurs fan.

We never win. You think we might, but then we don’t and we get beat by Arsenal.

I realised that I need to wake up. I can’t just have this innate confidence, and let it blind me to the reality of the situation.

So I reached out and had a conversation with the coach I’d spoken to a few months before.

We talked about the situation I was in, my business and where the struggles were, and I got some help.


What Was I Searching For?

I needed some help. The right help.

I had to question myself,

“Can you really do this yourself?”.

In one part of my head I was saying I could, but the reality of the situation was; I wasn’t doing it.

I couldn’t.

It was a big wake up call.

It’s an ego thing… do we want to ask for people’s help?

We think we have all these things going on, which we believe will make us successful…

I had some great results, some great clients, great testimonials…

But it just wasn’t happening.

I really needed to admit to myself, and finally did, that I needed help.

That was a big part of taking the next step.

Admitting that I couldn’t do it myself.

Sitting there talking to my missus, the reality of the situation was,

“You’re not making it work. You do need to get some help from someone. From the right person”.


When I Realised Getting Online Was The Solution…

I remember at the beginning, in the first week, I was told to do these 2 things:

  1. Work out how much money you want to bring in, and how many clients you need to have
  2. Go and post on Facebook

As simple as that.

I was like,

“Is that really all I’m going to be told?”.

To be honest I was kind of screwing at that point.

I thought I knew best, and was thinking that people who want to buy fitness stuff are not going to be hanging around on Facebook, especially wealthy people.

But I did it. I put some stuff out, spreading my messages on there.

Within about a week I had a client reach out to me who wasn’t even a friend of mine on Facebook.

It happened that I wrote something, and one of my connections on Facebook liked my post.

This lady reached out and said,

“We’re not friends, but I noticed one of my friends liked your post and I thought it was interesting. Would it be possible to get some help off you?”.


Sitting here telling you now, it seems so obvious.

But I hadn’t been doing it. I wasn’t doing the simple stuff right.

That was a big breakthrough.

She became a client, and paid me £6,000.

OK… this stuff is what I’ve been looking for.

Starting conversations directly with potential clients, and just putting yourself out there. Talking about the stuff that you like and are interested in.

That was such a big breakthrough, it really made me realise that all the stuff I’d been doing before then was just fluff. This just seemed so simple.


Better results?

The other thing I realised, and this is just as big…

When I got my first online clients, there was still some fear and doubt about getting results online.

I think there is for everyone.

I knew that I get great results in person, I really did, I was so confident with that, but I was still a bit worried in the back of my head…

“How am I actually going to get results with clients when I’m not there with them?”.

While I really understood that coaching and motivation is a big part of it, I was still pulled back a little into the trainer mindset of needing to be there counting reps.

I remember getting the first few clients on board, doing the weekly calls with them, and it started to dawn on me…

These clients were getting better results than my cleints did in person.

I never thought that would be the case when I started going online.

I guess my hope was that I could use what I’m good at, in getting results with clients, and can at least get near there.

Make it as good as i can…

What I realised is that actually, these clients were starting to get better results with my stuff.

It was awesome – I was working less with these clients, they were having to work less with me; you know, a lot of people are busy, they can’t make it to the gym, they have businesses to run. Maybe they don’t even like the gym.

I speak to them maybe 45 minutes a week, and for some reason (I realise why now) they’re getting better results.

Week by week they’re turning up on my calls, reporting they’ve actually been doing what I say, losing weight bit by bit each week.

Its not 5lbs every week, but it’s happening consistently.

I’m keeping track of these clients, and every week on the graph it’s another lb, 2lbs down.

I realised, this is awesome. This is just a win-win.

My clients are over the moon.

I remember one of my early clients had a Personal Trainer before, it had never worked, and they were absolutely over the moon because they were finally getting results.

Probably surprised a bit that they could actually get these results without having to come and see me in the gym.


Join us…

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