How to Get New, High-Value Online Clients; Even Though It’s December and Tumble Weed Rolls Through Your Gym

You could hear her crying in the next room.

It was 1am Boxing Day morning, there she was sitting in the living room – bottle of wine one side, box of ‘Celebrations’ the other.

She was looking into the fire, sobbing.

Upset, devastated – another Christmas she had gone over to her Mum’s, alone.

No boyfriend, no kids and feeling like every year, the chances are slipping further and further away. She needs a confidence boost to get back out on the dating market. To feel good about herself and meet people…


You Can Sell Fitness in December

People still want to change their body, even though it is the holidays.

People are unhappy about their weight. Uncomfortable in their body. Lacking self-confidence.

The calendar turning over to December does not suddenly shrink people’s waistline or mysteriously suck the body fat away. Their pain is still there, if anything that self-dislike gauge is ratcheted up.

Christmas is the time when there’s more events and parties than ever. Trying to squeeze into the ‘little black dress’…

Seeing old friends and family that you might only see once per year and not wanting to have put another 10 lbs on…

Spending Christmas day with the family, all your siblings with their partners and kids, while you’re the one – late 30’s, still single and not looking in any danger of that changing.

You think people do not feel bad about all this?

They feel worse than ever!

There’s no work to bury their head in, they can’t really avoid these social occasions. They’re left sitting up late at night, watching Home Alone for the 23rd time, thinking about how miserable they are.


Here’s my 5 Christmas bonus steps to get high-paying, committed clients even if you’ve never signed up a client in December before…

If you are sitting there wondering: “But Tim, I don’t know what struggles or pain points my potential clients are going through”, don’t fear, there’s a simple solution…


You can set up a survey via Survey Monkey, and ask people in your network to complete it for you, Facebook is a great place to do this.

Better still; speak to people who are your target market.

When I started my brides-to-be fitness business I simply asked everyone I knew if they know anyone who was getting married, then asked if they would introduce me, so I could ask some questions.

Within a week I had my first specifically sourced bridal client.

You can also have these conversations with potential clients. They don’t want to feel fat and miserable at Christmas any more than they do the rest of the year.

With the right marketing messages – recognising their pain, and offering them hope that they can do something about it – you will get these people reaching out and looking to work with you. Even though it’s December.


The Best ‘Walking Billboards’

Think about the clients that do want to change their body in December. They’re going to be better clients, right?

They’re more committed. They obviously have a strong drive to change their body, and they’re the kind of person who is willing to take action, rather than make the excuses and wait until January…

They’re going to be the best clients. They’re more committed. They’re going to get better results.

Contrast that to the typical January clients…

Sure, there’s a big rush and everyone wants help with their fitness, but how long do most of these clients last? Maybe you’ve made posts yourself about it in the past:

“Fitness is for life, not just for January”.

Why not find the better clients now?

Think what it’s like in your gym. There’s nobody there in December. The trainers take time off, they give up and accept not making much money.

The membership team aren’t signing anyone up; even most of the regulars disappear.

People say the fitness industry is saturated – well, it certainly isn’t in the run up to Christmas. Everyone else has given up.

Why not be the one who is standing out; showing people that you are there for them, that they can make progress at this time of year?

If you can show prospective clients the cost of not taking action now, the cost of putting it off until January…

Them spending what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, feeling miserable, lonely and disappointed with themselves. Another year has trickled by, and they’re another 10lbs heavier…

Trying to drown their sorrows on Christmas day; binge eating and drinking, only to loathe themselves the days following.

Hitting the shops for the boxing day sales, trying to spend their way to happiness with ‘retail therapy’…

If you want to launch your online programs NOW is the best time to do it, NOT January.


The ‘Without’ Statement

One of the reasons people don’t buy from Personal Trainers is because they don’t feel a connection. They only see the chicken and broccoli, Tupperware lifestyle. They can’t relate to that – it sounds even worse than being fat. They just want to be able to enjoy a normal life, lose a few pounds and be happy.

If you can show them that they can have a drink, enjoy the Christmas food, and still make progress…

Skip the binge and drop a couple of pounds in December, they will feel amazing.

An awesome way to do this is with the ‘without’ statement – an example:

‘How to tone up and lose 5lbs during December, without missing out on your favourate Xmas tipple and chocolates’.

They don’t need the expectation of losing 15lbs this month. Just making a little progress is HUGE. The confidence it builds, how amazing they feel afterwards – rather than the usual pendulum swing of binging, then self-loathing, followed by the hardcore, unsustainable dieting…

The difference between putting 5lbs on – now they have 20lbs to lose; or the confidence and momentum – losing 5lbs and only have an easy 10lbs left to lose come January…

The difference is night and day.

Manage expectations, tell them what they won’t have to give up, but show them that they can still make progress at this time of year.

Add something in about people saying they don’t have any money as it’s Xmas… the same people who go out on Boxing day and self-medicate their unhappiness by spanking 100’s on a new bag in the sales.

Or spend loads on Xmas presents for everyone else, as it makes them feel connection and love with people around them.

Most of your potential clients fritter money away at this time of year, help them see that maybe it’s time to invest that same money in something truly life-changing.


Don’t Give Up On Yourself

3 of my mentorship clients had their best month ever in business last December, ranging from £8-10,000 in income. Many others selling their first 4-figure online programs…

The year before, I’d had my own best month in business to date, in December.

It’s possible. It gives you so much confidence going in to January too.

You don’t need to sell your first 10 programs in December. How about just selling 1 or 2?

You’ve got started, proven it is working and you have some really cool, committed clients to work with. You have great people in your ‘beta version’ of the program, who are gonna have great results, awesome testimonials; when it is time to market for the January rush.

Now you can take that confidence and expand your offer to more people…


What If I Like My Time Off?

Even if you take time off from the gym, that’s great – you can coach your clients in just an hour or two a week, from the comfort of your living room.

Don’t encourage the bad habit in clients of thinking, “I’ll start in January”. Show them that they are in control. That they can get results, even when there are other things going on in their life – because you know there will always be other things going on. There’s never a ‘perfect time’.



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