Do people buy fitness in December?

I got asked the following question in my free Facebook group:

It certainly put me in the festive mood as it’s so awesome to see the caliber of Fit Pro’s hanging out in my Facebook group.

Those wanting to take action, those taking action and making sales in December; while many PT’s hang the ‘shut up shop’ sign, and simply give up until January.

While many ‘gyms’ are quiet at this time of the year, people do not stop desperately wanting to lose weight .

They still have the same problems they’ve always had. Indeed, with so many parties and events they have to get dressed up for, seeing old friends and family they don’t see often; they might be feeling bad about their shape now more than ever.

Don’t you think they would LOVE to hear their extended family comment about how great they’re looking, asking how they lost so much weight?

Of course they would!

I dropped 3 top tips in the group, which are pulled straight out of my top mastermind group.

I’m hoping the guys in the group don’t get pissed with me for sharing these with you, as they have after all invested thousands of $$$$ to get their hands on client attraction strategies which work like festive magnets for committed clients.

But… they are all super cool guys… and I’m sure they will be more Elf than Xmas Grinch… ha.


3 Killer Strategies for Signing New Clients In December

Here’s a summary of the 3 strategies we are employing:

1) Referral vouchers being designed and sent via snail-mail to all current clients/ex-clients. 

Put a value on them (Worth $99 dollars), give them a name that’s relevant for the time of year, and include a use by date before Xmas, or before 30th Dec.

Referrals are always a powerful strategy for getting new business, and using old school snail mail really gets people attention in the world of e-mail and instant messengers.

2) December for free when a client comes of board the 12-week programs.

Client invests now to enroll, we coach the clients through December for free. Then the 12-week clock is ‘re-set’ come Jan 1st.

It’s an ‘action-takers’ bonus to reward the people who don’t want to make excuses because it’s Christmas, but are committed to making the changes they want.

These clients will often be the best clients. If someone has the commitment and drive to come on board now, when it’s so easy to make excuses, they will be fully committed to the process and almost inevitably very successful clients.

3) Toward Xmas, and in the few days before New Year, encourage clients to commit to the 12-week program which starts first week of Jan. 

We will be doing this by adding in a bonus – they could be group workshops you could put on in person, or a half day of coaching where you are planning out 2018.

Maybe some sort of testing for clients; testosterone test, food intolerance etc, a shopping day at the end of the program, or even a photo shoot.

Add in a bonus which has value, and you can lock in a few committed clients ready to hit the ground running in the first week of January.

This will work extremely well if you’re already busy – you have a natural scarcity that you will sell out of spaces. This urges clients to take action now so they don’t miss out, and allows you to focus on coaching your clients while everyone else is scrapping for new business.

You CAN Succeed In December

Many of my clients have already signed multiple clients into their program this month, and still have a diary of calls booked in with potential new clients.

But you don’t need to make a fortune in December, even if you just added 1-2 new clients into your online program, how much better would your Christmas be, knowing there’s an extra few thousand dollars sitting in your bank account?

Whether you want to treat loved ones to special gifts, take a vacation somewhere in the sun, or just know that your income hasn’t dipped like it does for so many PT’s in the gym.

You will really stand out in the eyes of potential clients when everyone else has given up on their marketing efforts until next year.


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