‘Hybrid-Style’ Online… a 2nd income stream which sends you paychecks without having to clock in at the gym

Want to build a second income stream into your fitness business, using the clients, audience and network you already have?

Access the spare cash sitting, be that £1-2k, even £10k plus, in your business right now, without any ad spend – and you wanna know the best bit?

You’re offering a service that will help your clients get better results.

I’m talking of course about hybrid programs. Where you do a mixture of online coaching, and in-person training with your clients. Ensuring they have all the support they need to change their behaviour outside of the gym, follow the right diet, etc. and that they’re training hard, and safely in the gym.

The hybrid style program is both good for you, and good for your client. Let’s explore each of these…


Why hybrids are good for your clients

I had a client Steve* a few years ago, when I was working in London’s financial district. Let me tell you, Steve trained like a mother f**er, he really wanted it, and left everything on the gym floor.

But as I watched him walk out of the gym doors after a solid session, I knew everything we had just spoken about, and done, would be quickly undone. Everything he did from the moment he walked out of that door, until he walked back in it for his next session, was going to be detrimental to his goals.

Been there?

If client’s are not getting results, it’s NOT because your sessions aren’t good. In fact, they probably tell you how awesome your training sessions are.

No, the problem is that they lack support and accountability outside of the sessions.

Sure, I know you give them advice about their diet, but I’ll ask – has the client fully invested in this?

If they don’t follow it, I would say that indicates they have not. They don’t value it, because it is not what they think they’re buying.

To get results, they need more coaching and more help outside the gym. But you don’t have the time – even more additional time, and effort – to invest in doing this for clients who aren’t following through. You should be rewarded for this additional time and effort. It’s annoying when clients don’t follow through, isn’t it?

They need a good half an hour per week, or every other, – non-training time – to figure out why they can’t do this. Why they don’t follow your advice outside of the gym.

This is where the Hybrid programs come in. It’s a simple way to increase the accountability and commitment you get from your clients, that they’re going to follow through on what they need to do to get results.

At the end of the day, that is what they want. They want results, and your job is to offer them whatever they need to get the results they want.

Whether you’re doing a hybrid program with a new, or an existing client, putting a 12-week timeframe on it brings a level of focus; a defined start, middle, and end. I advise you do this, even if clients pay monthly or per session.

They will still train with you, you’re just adding extra value, to help them get better results.


Why hybrids are good for you

Hybrids offer you a second income stream, which leverages your time more. You can start earning more money, right away, by offering this additional package to your existing clients.

Of course, not every client will want a hybrid program, and some might have already said they’re not interested in it, or wouldn’t buy it. That’s ok – some people will want it.

Maybe only 25% of your clients, but if they pay up front for 12 weeks, that’s a really nice cash injection into your business.

“But Tim…I’ve tried this…”

The number 1 problem is you say “do you want an online program?”

This has to be a structured conversation. Discover why the client isn’t getting the results they want, and ask how you can support them, and work together, to get the results they want.

Do this away from the gym, somewhere in a relaxed environment to talk. They need to tell you where they struggle. Chances are, you already know, but don’t jump to the solution, they’re not aware of the problem yet.

You need to help them see the problem, how they’re getting stuck, how that’s hurting them, and then finally you get to the solution.

If the client doesn’t understand the problem, they won’t understand the benefit of, or need for, the solution. To create change, it must be their idea. They need to understand it, and invest in fixing it.


2 ways of doing hybrids

There’s a couple of ways you can set up a hybrid program.

You can see the client once per week, and have one online session per week. Or you can do online each week, with a longer in-person session in weeks 1, 4, 8, and 12. This is like a workshop where you can go through the training plan, teach them technique, etc.

This style allows wealthy people to access your help, even if you don’t live in the most affluent area. People can come on board this program, even if they’re 2-3 hours away.

You charge for the result, and they pay upfront. This means you can afford to travel to them, because it is only once per month, and they’re paying premium prices.

This way they still get you to show some exercises for technique, ensure they’re safe and don’t get injured. Plus you’re building the 1-1 connection.

A lot of people think rich people want a PT; but a lot of time they’re cash rich, and time poor. This is the perfect solution that they actually prefer. They get what they need in a smaller amount of time, and don’t have the headache of lots of appointments in their diary, having to cancel on you, re-arranging when they travel, etc. etc.

I know, I’ve worked with some of the wealthiest guys in London, and often when speaking with the friends as referrals, they just couldn’t commit the weekly, set time to see me.

Looking back now, I missed out on 10’s of thousands of pounds simply because I didn’t have this option. Maybe you don’t work in Mayfair, but I’d bet there’s still a good few thousand you’re missing out on right now.


What if…

You already give nutrition advice, training programs for them to do alone, and they just don’t do it?

It’s about investment. If you rent a car, you don’t really care about it and treat it badly. Meanwhile if you invest your own hard-earned cash and take ownership, you look after it, take it seriously. Clients need to actively invest in this part of the program to take seriously and be committed to doing the work.


What do you include in the Hybrid program?

In my first book The 30/30 Body Blueprint we identified a 5 Pillar method of mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, training, and habits.

Most PT’s only offer training, or we try to offer everything else, but the clients are not taking it and implementing it.

In the hybrid we want to offer them the other 4 pillars. Everything outside of the gym that leads to making lifestyle changes and getting the results they’re looking for.

This can be done on a platform such as PT Distinction (most of my guys use this platform if they use one), or just in documents – you might already do this, but how many people who aren’t seeing results do you have the same conversation with – they’re not doing it and don’t value it.

When a client invests and is fully committed to it, there will be a massive difference. My mentoring client Adam had a £30/hour client, they had a conversation because he wasn’t getting anywhere. The client invested £2k in a 12 week hybrid program – took the information and actually implemented it, and lost 35lbs… after 3 years of training and not losing weight.

Then spurred on by the transformation he’d got over that 12-weeks, he then invested £8k in Adam’s year-long program.

£30/hour to investing £10k with Adam.

The difference lies right there, in the implementation.

Value lies not just in what we provide, it lies in what our clients bring to the table.


Current people wouldn’t pay upfront?

How many times do people say they can’t afford PT, but drive away from the gym in a brand-new car? They will pay if you help them see the value. If they don’t value it, of course they won’t pay for it. Part of helping them, is moving them to make the investment they need to make, to get the results that they want.


How to sell hybrids?

You offer the whole package – this is not an add on, it’s the whole thing. It’s a results oriented program that “also includes 12 training sessions with me in the gym”. This stops them saying they just want the PT.

The training part is the bolt on, not the online stuff. It’s a results oriented program, not a “spend time with me” oriented program.

If you’re a fully booked PT, bootcamp owner, semi-private trainer, or gym owner, you will be sitting on a payday right now of £2,3,4k per month. Maybe even up to £20-30k.

One of my clients Paul – gym owner – brought in £40k of additional income over 4 months doing hybrids, and many of those are now resigning so will be near £80k of extra income into his business. All on top of what he was already making, using only the existing network, audience, client base he had.


“But Tim” I hear you say, “I would technophobe, and anyway, I also don’t have the time to create the all the techy stuff!”

And I get ya.

So this week I’m inviting a new bunch of 8 top Fit Pros who want their hybrid online delivery system set up FOR THEM.


That way, we can roll right into our initial goal of selling their first £1,000-2,000 hybrid programs within the first 14 days …

…. even if they’ve only delivered PT in person before.

Then they’ll have a leveraged income stream which sends them paychecks without having to clock in at the gym..

..for as long as they want.

Wanna join us?

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