Why LinkedIn Is A MUST For Online Fit-Pro’s

A few years ago when I first began online coaching I did it using the power of Facebook and blew up my client base very quickly. For a few years Facebook was the place to be and by far the best place to get clients for high-value online coaching.

Over the last couple of years we have seen a big shift as Facebook develops and adds new features, they’re increasingly hostile towards people running a business without paying for ads…

…and even if you are paying for ads, the prices have gone up 300% in 18 months as the platform gets more big-spending advertisers squeezing out the little guys like us.

What does this mean for you?

It means the game has changed.

While you can still get clients on Facebook and I still suggest you use it, I would say it is no longer king.

LinkedIn is the new king of online marketing spaces for online fitness and I’m gonna tell you why…


The ‘Connection Culture’

Every social media site or marketing channel has a certain vibe or personality to it. Instagram is visual, arty. Twitter is fast moving and to the point. Facebook is friendly and familiar.

LinkedIn has a connection culture. It’s the only place where you are supposed to connect with people you don’t know, not as followers or fans, but as peers. People on LinkedIn are actively looking to build their network.

They won’t wonder “who is this weirdo adding me”, like they might on Facebook. The platform is actively encouraging you to make a lot of connections and reach out to people you don’t know.

As a business owner, you are working with the platform. You’re able to build your network and get your message out, without having to be a bit naughty and work around the rules. Always in fear of being shut down. This gives you peace of mind and makes your marketing a lot easy and less stressful.


Perfect Clients

One of the most popular online coaching niches, who a lot of my clients are very successful in, is the busy executives niche. Both male and female, these are often the ‘perfect clients’.

They have money, are smart, are used to be self-directed and making things happen. They’re often the best clients to work with, and the easiest to sign up. Money isn’t an issue for them, and they make strong decisions.

LinkedIn is a business networking platform, so corporate and executives are the core users. If you’re working with this niche then it is the easiest place to find your clientele.

Being able to search by job title, seniority, company, etc. gives you a powerful database of would-be clients at the touch of a button.

While other platforms are full of ‘everyone’ and you have to sift through a lot of noise to get to the right people, it’s incredibly quick and easy to find your marketing on LinkedIn.


Programmed For Your Success

LinkedIn want to increase their usage and make people spend more time on the platform. That means the algorithm is set up in such a way as to reward ‘power users’ – those who are highly connected and highly active.

Unlike other platforms that punish you for connecting with too many people, limit your connections, or look down upon you posting too often (explicitly, or as an unwritten rule); LinkedIn is pretty much ‘the more the better’.

My client Gavin consistently posted to LinkedIn 3 times a day for months and was rewarded by going viral multiple times, having 2 posts hit over 1 million views, and adding thousands of targeted potential clients to his email list.

Give to the platform and it will pay you back in spades.


Designed For Business

Not only are the people on LinkedIn business oriented people, but they are generally on there to do business. While you scroll through Facebook or Instagram at every opportunity of boredom; when you go on LinkedIn it is usually with a purpose.

That means people aren’t just mindlessly scrolling past your stuff, but when you capture their attention they are most likely to be in the frame of taking action.

This mean the leads on LinkedIn can be considered more ‘serious’ about actually getting your help and becoming clients.



While you can do paid advertising on LinkedIn, there is really no need to. The algorithm and culture make it such an effective free platform, you can do all your marketing without having to spend a penny.

As Facebook and increasingly Instagram move toward pushing you down the route of having to pay to get any exposure, LinkedIn is going the other way and giving you LOTS of exposure, for free in an environment full of ideal clients and very little competition from other fit-pro’s.


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