The ‘Tesla Model’ For Your Online Fitness Business

‘Picture it like this…

You’ve had 10 clients through your bespoke program; got $10-20k extra income in to your bank account and a portfolio of ‘before and afters’ case studies from highly complient people…’

Tim D here.

Want to know the secrets of a world-changing, multi-billion dollar company… and how you can apply them to your online fitness business?

To achieve more impact, help more people, earn more money, and have more free time… all while getting to work from your sofa or the local coffee shop.

The company I am talking about is Tesla, and I have modeled much of my online business on how they built their business.

We probably all know the story of Elon Musk – he had a big dream to change the world, by switching us all to electric cars, lowering the carbon footprint, and making cars cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting.

To do that of course, Tesla need to become mass market, and get as much adoption of their product as they possibly can.

However, they knew that even with a billionaire founder, with all of his connections in the business and venture capital world; they could not compete with the likes of Ford and Toyota in the mass market.

They didn’t have the scale, the systems, the automation, the factories, the staff, the distribution chain…

It’s the same deal when I see a lot of Personal Trainers saying they want to have a mass-market info product. Fully automated, sold through a website and funnel…

That’s a great aspiration, but to compete in that market you need to realise you are competing against the likes of Weight Watchers, Joe Wicks, P90X, etc.

Facebook advertising, Google Ads, SEO, they are all a marketplace, these huge, established companies, with huge budgets, mass brand awareness, etc, they blow the little guys out the water.

Tesla realised they couldn’t compete with the production costs of the established mass-market car producers, so they went the other way initially – they created a top-down business model.

They started with a high-end, premium offering that went for $250,000.


Building a Business Top-Down

They sold their premium car to a premium market, took the profit they made, as well as the technology and systems developed, and reinvested it back into a cheaper model of car.

They realised that cash flow is key.

“Cash is the only thing that matters up to the first million dollars in revenue” – Russell Brunson

The cash gave them the ability to invest in bigger factories, more staff, greater distribution channels, and everything that is needed to scale a car company and compete with the existing big players in the market.

They started at the top, created an amazing product, and a high-value perception of their product.

This final point is important. Because they started with a premium product, people think of them as a premium brand. It’s easy for a premium brand to offer a cheaper option, and everyone thinks it’s great value.

Imagine if Kia brought out a $200,000 sports car – doesn’t make sense, does it?

A budget company bringing a premium option is a much harder sell, because it doesn’t fit with the perception people have of that brand.

PT’s dream of getting money while you sleep, but the reality is that it’s very hard, you need to be a superb marketer, or able to pay someone else to do it for you.

The truth is, digital products don’t get great results. Think about how many e-books and products you have bought over the years, and never taken action on. Maybe never even read?

Where as high-value 1-1 coaching does get results.

Like Tesla learnt how to scale, created systems that work, and had cash to hire the right people; you can do the same thing if you build a successful premium coaching business, and then scale it out to a mass-market offer.

Remember, it’s not only about the value, but also the perception of value. There’s a million people with books on Amazon for $5, but without the brand recognition of The Body Coach, they won’t sell many copies.

Indeed, the dream of being the new Body Coach, while enticing, and of course I’m in aware of anyone with that kind of goals, is based on a slightly charactured marketing story.

You know the one, the social media hero, built from nothing, posting all those posts where no one ever interacted, but the dream was there and through sheer persistence, he battled his way to millions.

Or. (and some of the above may be in some ways true) … or the real story, he was paying a PR company £5k a month very early on.

I know this as I personally spoke the the very same PR agent, as we discussed doing some work via a high-profile client of mine.

You got a spare £5k a month?

Back to Tesla, at all stages of the process people were queuing to get the new Tesla. To get this amazing brand, this tribe – what the marketers tell us to do – and they achieved it by creating a great product with a high perception of value, and high price point.

Now they have a mass market car – helping people, helping the planet, changing the future of the planet – even China just announced they’re only going to allow electric cars soon..

A lot of the industry acceptance and changing of perception around the world was driven by Tesla. They literally changed the world.


Tesla-fy Your Online PT Business

We can all admire Joe Wicks and what he’s done, but there’s not many of him. He’s a one-in-a-million exception to the rule. Plus the £5k a month of course.

You don’t need to be one-in-a-million to achieve a great lifestyle business online, you just need 3 things; cash, confidence, and clients.

To start getting clients into a high ticket program you need a blueprint, a skeleton of what it will look like; then you can go get clients on board.

You don’t need to build everything out, have all these videos, websites, membership portals, set up before you can start…

You start with the first client, and build the program around them.

You offer a BESPOKE program.

It doesn’t make sense to be cheap, attract people who want cheap, and then try to sell something 15x the price down the road.

Attract people who want quality, have top positioning as a premium brand, and then you can lower down to mass market when you have a tonne of successful results behind you.

If you do want to build this mass-market offer, do it AFTER having cash flow, hitting $10k months…

So you can pay someone to help with the marketing, management, technology, and everything that you’re not an expert in. Allowing you to focus on things you are an expert at – fitness.

Guys in my mastermind – after running clients through really bespoke programs for at least 6-9 months – will build their signature program with modules recorded, and it’s sent to clients automatically.

They do have some contact, but not as much.

The reason they can do this, is because they’ve had clients through their program, and realised what they do and don’t need.

You’ve walked hand in hand navigating this maze with your clients. If they take a wrong turn, you’re there in the moment to set them right.

You come to know what will go wrong so well, that you can just tell them how to navigate the maze… but you can’t do that if you’ve not been through it with the clients many times before.

You can sell $500 programs that take none of your time, but that doesn’t mean we’re selling hundreds…

How many would you need to sell?

Even a couple per month, how much extra does that add in your business?

Top-Down, Not Bottom-Up

Just start; go get your first client – the magic of 1 – and build your program around that first client.

You want to run at least 10 clients through, before you start automating things. Otherwise you create things that aren’t needed or wanted, then you’re just wasting time and overwhelming clients with stuff they won’t use.

Picture it like this…

You’ve had 10 clients through your bespoke program; got $10-20k extra income in to your bank account…

That allowed you to drop some of the hours in the gym, you were confident to do that because you were making more money.

Now, you’ve got proof, case studies, that this works.

If you think you’re gonna get case studies from a low-ticket offer, I’ll ask again…how many times have you bought a digital product or e-book, and how many times have you actually done it?

If you invested $2k in something, do you think you’d take it more serious and be more committed?

Clients are just the same.

Start with the most committed clients, that get the best results…

Give you the best cash flow, and allow you to perfectly hone your programs to achieve the best possible results…

THEN take them down to the mass-market.


Want some help going top down in your business? …. getting your first 3 high-paying online clients paying you £1,000-2,000, in the next 6 weeks?

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