The Underground Evolution of the Fitness Industry

“If only they did what I said… then they’d get results…”

(and stay with me for longer…

…and come back after their ‘summer break’ instead of disappearing from the face of the planet…)

Frustrating, isn’t it?

When you tell your clients EXACTLY what to do… maybe even giving them meal plans, workouts to do on their own… perhaps hosting it in your own fancy branded app that looks really professional…

But they don’t follow your advice.

They lost weight for the first month or two, and then started to slip. You know they’ve not been doing what you say, but when you ask them what the problem is – they don’t seem to have any answers.

I remember wondering what the other PT’s in my gym would think when they could see this client I’ve been training for 6 months hasn’t lost any weight.

Truth is, they probably didn’t notice or care, we’ve all had clients who don’t follow our stuff, but it bothered me. I didn’t want to accept that 50% of my clients would follow what I said and get amazing results, while the other 50% didn’t.

I wanted to be better than that. I wanted to help the other 50% of people, and honestly I cared about my reputation.

About being known for getting results; about getting the referrals and amazing before & after photos to showcase on Facebook to help grow my business.


The Breakthrough…

Trying to figure out what was going on… why some of my clients didn’t listen to my advice… took me down a long road studying psychology, influence, behaviour change, and ultimately lead me to coaching.

I’m very lucky that I found this path and discovered the power of coaching a little earlier than some other people did.

I feel privileged to have ‘got in on the ground floor’ of the evolution that we can see happening in the fitness industry right now.

The evolution lead by fit-pro’s like me and you, standing up from the trenches and saying,

“This isn’t working for me, and it isn’t working for my clients”

Why is my business in the same place it was 3 years ago?

Why do people have gym memberships for years and never get results?

Why do I have to pay £1,000/month in gym rent to a big corporation that doesn’t care about me or my clients?

These are just some of the questions I was asking myself a few years ago.


The Underground Evolution of the Fitness Industry

Whether you know it yet or not, you’re already a part of an underground evolution going on in the fitness industry.

See, you’re different to some of the other guys in your gym. You wouldn’t be here reading this right now if you weren’t looking for something more.

I believe that the internet has disrupted the fitness industry, just like it does every other industry.

It has allowed people who want to consume fitness, to be connected with people like us who want to help and sell fitness.

It’s cut out the cabal of middle-men who used to control the connection between us and consumers. Namely the gym chains, their fitness managers, REPS, the education companies.

These ‘fitness illuminati’ had no interest in your business succeeding… or in clients succeeding…

They just want your gym rent, contracted gym memberships that clients never use…

The push back to find a better solution for us AND our clients had to come from us fit-pro’s in the trenches.

The internet allowed us to connect directly with clients and that was the birth of online coaching.


The Online Coaching Continuum

Online fitness exists on a continuum.

At one end is the mass-market, low cost workout programs and apps.

“Here’s your workout plan and macro’s, go do it”.

At the other end of the spectrum is the high-value, expensive, extremely personal and highly impactful coaching that I use and teach.

Neither is necessarily better, but they are different.

You have to ask yourself what you want to do, and what you want to be known for.

Obviously I want to make money, but I also wanted to be known as the best – the ‘go to guy’ in my niche who is known for getting amazing results.

I wanted to make a real impact in my clients lives – clients who I actually know and interact with personally.


The Biggest Limitation…

When I started reading personal development, I started to realize the biggest limitation in my business (and life) was myself.

Our clients are the same.

It’s great that our programs and diet plans are a bit better than the next trainer, but that isn’t really the big sticking point for our clients.

They already know the basics of what to do – the problem is they don’t do them.

They are their own biggest limitation.

Looking back when I was a personal trainer, I would have clients who worked with me for years and never really transformed.

Of course they’d be stronger and fitter. They’d move better, enjoy training, and get out of the office to let off some steam a couple of times per week.

But that wasn’t real transformation.

It’s kind of embarrassing looking back and thinking some clients paid me £50-100 per week for 5 years…

That’s £12,500 to £25,000 over their lifetime. At the end, they didn’t look significantly different.

Weight loss is a behaviour change situation.

Real transformation comes when someone completely changes their life. Not just losing the weight, but recognising why they could never do it before, and being empowered to be in control of their own health and body from here forwards.


Moving Your Business Forward…

I’m not suggesting that you start thinking you’re a life coach and trying to be Tony Robbins, but you should learn from these disciplines.

Life coaching, behaviour change, personal development, sales, psychology; they all hold valuable lessons that we can integrate into our programs and apply to help our clients create the changes needed to see results and transformation.

The evolution is happening and the internet has given you the opportunity to make a much bigger impact in your clients life with online coaching programs.

The industry will continue to move online and you don’t want to be left behind.

If you want to discover how to create, market, sell, and deliver your high-value online program go here.