What The Gym Chain Cabal Don’t Want You to Know About Online Coaching

Times are changing.

They don’t want you to know the truth… but screw them! I’m going to tell you anyway.

See, as we spoke about last week, the cabal of gym chains and other ‘corporate interests’ in the fitness industry don’t want you to gain the freedom and power the internet has put back in your hands.

The ability to connect directly with the consumer and help them to transform their body, without the middle men dipping into your pocket and collecting their extortionate rent every week.

They want to keep online coaching under wraps. To protect their business and keep you under the thumb, paying their rent, cleaning their gym, picking their dumbbells up, and training their new members on ‘free trials’.

Screw that! Now you’re able to go directly to consumer and help people achieve their goals, while being rewarded with the income and freedom that should come from being self-employed.

Check it out, here’s the 6 things the gym chain cabal don’t want you to know.


You don’t need a website or complicated funnel

This is the most harmful belief that many trainers hold, because it is passing responsibility for their progress on to external parties. This is something that is not in your skill set and therefore you need to pay the money, and wait for however long, until someone else can fulfil this part of your business.

Let me clear this up right now. Your clients do not care whether you have a website or not. It is not how people buy online coaching. In the past I have been guilty of spending 10’s of thousands on websites and thinking they were the ‘secret sauce’ to finding and attracting high-value clients.

They’re not, and one of the big reasons why is because the public are not looking to hire an online fitness coach. Nobody wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror and decides they need an online fitness coach to help them get in shape. Why would they?

We are not selling widgets here. You do not need to display your product on the internet for comparison to everyone else’s (where you inevitably compete on price and everybody loses).

Your clients have a problem. A pain in their life, that they would like to solve. Being overweight, lacking energy, having low confidence and not liking their body. Not a lack of a Personal Trainer, online or otherwise.

They’re not actively shopping around for your service, they are looking for a solution to their problem. If you present yourself as having that solution, you have immediately elevated yourself above EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has a website that talks about their service.

A (good) website doesn’t hurt, but it is absolutely not essential. In offline Personal Training a website will get some traffic from Google because people are searching for Personal Training. Even that will take years and lots of money to rank. People are not searching for online coaching, so the website is pretty useless.

Do without a website and focus your efforts on communicating directly with your market, attracting them to you because you speak their language and understand their problems.


You don’t need your program planned out months in advance

Are your programs bespoke and individual?

If the answer is yes, how on earth can you know what someone needs before you have even spoken to them? Your value as a coach is in being able to make this process simple for your clients. To speak to them, discover the situation they are in, struggles that they face and be able to give them the simplest, most effective steps forwards.

If you are planning programs out in advance, you are not offering a bespoke solution. You’re cramming them into a cookie-cutter plan.

To really serve your clients you need to see the unique situation and then develop a plan. This is how you serve your clients, and it also makes your life much easier. You do not spend weeks or months creating something that nobody even wants, needs or cares about.

You will be surprised when you get speaking to people what they actually need help with, and what they don’t.

Treat every personal individually and you don’t ever have to create a program until you have a client signed up. If it was in person Personal Training, you wouldn’t plan exercises and sessions for someone you haven’t met yet, would you?


You don’t even need an online platform…

There are many platforms out there that you can use, but you don’t have to use any of them to get started. You can add them in later to support you, once you’ve had a few clients through the program.

The value proposition in your service is not in the fancy technology that you offer. It is in the results that clients get. They don’t care about what happens along the way to get there, they just want to achieve an outcome.

All that needs to happen for them to achieve an outcome, is for you to communicate (via Skype and Email / chat) and them follow your program (which can be written down in Word or Excel documents).

Nobody is going to spend lots of money with you because you have a fancy app. They just want your help achieving results.

I just bought a new car. A Mercedes. Guess what? I didn’t buy it because they have the fanciest robots in their factory that make the car in a really efficient way! I only care about the finished product.

Communicate that you achieve exceptional results, and your clients don’t care about which tools you use along the way.


Getting results online is EASY…

“I’m worried that my clients won’t do what I say, when I’m not there in person” 
The follow on from this, is usually a worry about clients getting results – because they don’t follow what you say.

This comes down to client selection before anything else. Unfortunately, many fit-pro’s will take on any client with a wallet and a pulse, because they need new clients. However, as soon as you start pricing yourself at a premium value, and having a qualification process that clients must meet, this immediately changes.

When you’re making it harder to work with you, clients have to meet set criteria; and then invest at a much higher level, you’ve automatically created a barrier to entry that will scare off price-shoppers and losers who think that by hiring a PT they will magically get results, without actually doing any work or making any effort to change their lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your clients did exactly as you instructed? See, when you pay more for something you value it more. When you value it more, you treat it with greater respect. Ever bought a new car and suddenly you’re super careful with parking against curbs, not letting people get in with muddy shoes, etc.? Your old car was still your car…the difference is, you’ve now made a large investment that makes you take it seriously.

Part of client selection, is choosing the right niche. One where people are generally going to be self-motivated. This does tend to go hand-in-hand with high earners, so that’s a bonus too. Successful professionals and entrepreneurs who’ve been so driven and focus on achieving success in the business, but let their health slip because of it, are perfect candidates. They can take the information and action it with success. They already have all of the skills and behaviours required, they just need to turn their focus on their health and fitness.


Finding people who want online coaching is no harder than finding people who want personal training

Truth is, nobody wants online training. In fact, nobody wants Personal Training at all.

It is a necessary evil; simply a means to an end. What people really want, is to not be fat, to be buff and have the ladies check them out, to be able to run around with their kids without having a heart attack.

Training – online or offline – is just the means to getting them there. It’s like when I went to the Maldives a few weeks ago, I sat on a 10 hour flight, in an uncomfortable little chair, with some grotty kid kicking me in the back. Did I look forward to that? Did I want to do that? No, not really…but I definitely did want to lay on the golden sand, on my own little paradise island. The plane was just the means of getting there.When you sell the destination, rather than the journey, it doesn’t matter how it’s delivered.

As long as you get results, the client will buy in to getting to their destination. Of course, there’s a structure to how you go about selling this, and people do have pre-conceived ideas about what a Personal Trainer does – they assume they will help them to achieve their goals. While online, the potential client might not know what you will do or how. It’s a step-by-step process that you need to be taught by someone who really knows how to sell high-value packages.


People will pay you WELL for life-changing online coaching programs

When you have a niche and position yourself as the expert for a specific persons situation, they will seek you out above the jack of all trades, every time. If your kid is going blind, and you have the money…would you go to the local doctor down the road, or fly out to Timbuktu to see the world’s best eye surgeon?

Speciality = value.

Plus, because you’re online, you can work with clients from anywhere in the world. If you’re positioned as the perfect person to fix their problem, the go-to-guy, they will seek you out.I work with brides, getting them ready for their wedding day. This is strong positioning and because of it, I have celebrities seek me out, to get them ready for their wedding. They would never be coming to me if I was ‘just another Personal Trainer’.

You’re not a PT, you’re a Body Transformation Coach who specialises in…..  – very different proposition.

Finally, people are buying the results. Not time holding hands in the gym.


The evolution is happening and the internet has given you the opportunity to make a much bigger impact in your clients life with online coaching programs.

The industry will continue to move online and you don’t want to be left behind.

If you want to discover how to create, market, sell, and deliver your high-value online program go here.